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If you, like so many other Americans, are looking for an RV, your first question should be, “are there any local RV dealers near me?” It might not be immediately evident, why it is better to get your RV from a local manufacturer, rather than a mass-m manufactured commercial brand, like Airstream. Buying your RV from a local manufacturer offers many conveniences and financial advantages.

Learn everything you need to know about buying your RV from a dealer near you. Find out about the benefits that come along with buying locally, and how it ultimately can save you thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance and repairs. And, learn about how buying from an RV dealer near you goes further to support your local communities' economy.

Buying from RV Dealers Near Me vs Non-local Online RV Dealers

There is nothing wrong with looking around at online RV dealers, but when you are looking to purchase, ask yourself, “are there RV dealers near me?” Recreational vehicles have become increasingly in-demand, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are catching on to the great benefits of owning your RV, but there is a big difference between buying from a local or non-local RV dealer.

Even if you end up buying the same make and model of RV, it makes a difference, as to the overall value of your RV purchase, depending on whether or not your dealer is local or not. Here are the reasons to buy from a local RV dealer:

Local RV Dealerships Contribute to Your Communities Economy

Like any business in your area, your local RV dealers are just as much a part of your community as any other business owner. These businesses create jobs for locals, income for the economy, and tax revenue to support local and state governments. To see the real economic value of supporting your local economy, just look at the numbers.

On average, when you spend money locally, your local economy retains around 68% of every dollar spent. In contrast, when you purchase a national chain or non-local dealer, your local economy only retains around 30% of each dollar you spend. So, shopping locally for your recreational vehicle can significantly benefit your community's economy, to the tune of an extra 38%.

No matter what, you pay the same price for the same product. But, buying locally ensures that your hard-earned money goes back into the economy. On the other hand, consider this scenario in which you decide to buy an RV from an online or non-local dealer:

As an arbitrary example – by purchasing the vehicle from a non-local dealer, you save $3,000 of the purchase price. You can get the same RV from a local dealer for $50,000, but you take the $3,000 savings off-the-top. In effect, buying non-locally deprives your community of around $19,000 in economic funding for schools, roads, police, and much more.

Dealer Warranties vs Services They Cover

Not all dealer warranties are created equal. Consider a warranty for any product you purchase from an online marketplace, like Amazon Marketplace. On Amazon, if a product is damaged or faulty upon delivery, Amazon makes it easy to send the product back to be refunded, repaired, or replaced.

Amazon Marketplace, however, does not field the return or replacement of motor vehicles, like an RV. But, even if they did, you would still have to ship the vehicle long-distance to a service provider before the problem is rectified. When you buy your RV locally, you also get peace-of-mind, knowing that you can easily bring your RV to your local dealer representative to be serviced on-site.

Personal Customer Service is Everything When it Comes to Your RV

The only way to get turn-key personal service and support for your recreational vehicle is from a local dealer. Now that you know some of the benefits of buying local, the next question is which local dealer to go to. When you ask yourself, “which RV dealer near me should I talk to?” find a local RV dealerthat you trust and on which you can depend to stick with your RV through every adventure


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